Monday, December 19, 2011

Tag Clutchy

My mom and I were shopping when we came across a little store that sold "tag blankets". My mom and I looked at them and right away we were thinking the same thing, "We could make these ourselves". As soon as we got home we got to work and made about 12 in 90 minutes.

We call ours a "Tag Clutchy". I made this tag to go along with the clutchy so that people can understand the concept of what they are. 

 One side of the clutchy is fleece and the other is flanel. We bought our fleece and flanel at Hobby Lobby. First you cut squares out of both kinds of material. I usually do anywhere between 9x9-12x12. Line them up together and with pinking shears, cut the sides.

Choose the ribbons that you would like to use for your clutchy (make sure that they are different colors and textiles) and cut them in 7 inch strips. You will need at least 12 strips of ribbon. Fold the ribbons in half and pin them in between the two materials like pictured below. Once you have pinned all of your ribbons to the material, sew them together. We just sew once around, but you could do it twice if you would like.

I love the concept of the "tag clutchy", it is something cuddly and comforting, and it can also be a learning tool. My daughter who was 3 months in the picture below, loves to play with her tag clutchy! She likes to hold the ribbons and put the fleece and flanel against her cheeks. It is a great gift for babies and children up to the age of 2, maybe even a little older.  Whenever I go to a baby shower, I always include a "tag clutchy" to the gift!


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