Monday, July 2, 2012


My husband and I have been talking about little things that we can do to save money. We used to go out to eat all of the time, so we decided to cut back. This means that we are eating a lot of meals at home. Thanks to Pinterest, I have been exploring new recipes and enjoying myself while cooking!
I am a stay-at-home mom, so I was thinking about ways that I could contribute to this money saving idea! I searched the interet and found The Krazy Coupon Lady! I have seen Extreme Couponing and I am in awe of these people who are getting so much for so little. I am not an Extreme Couponer by any means, but I thought that I could just be a couponer and see if it made a difference. What is nice about The Krazy Coupon Lady website is that they do a lot of the work for you! They tell you great deals that are out there and then tell you how to get the coupons! So, I started doing my research, and I have been buying my Sunday paper to get the coupon inserts. It really does make a difference! On Sunday afternoon/night I sat down and figured out my menu for the week and the different items we needed. I then went through my coupons to see what I could save. Here is a sample:
Tide 40 oz $5.97
used a $1.00 off mf coupon from pg
Dawn 9oz Dish Soap .97
used a .25 off mf coupon
4 Nivea Creme .99
Recieved $2.00 extra bucks for each one
Spent $10.48
$8.00 extra bucks
Total: 2.48

This was my first try couponing, and I don't think that I did too bad! I will keep you updated as I learn and shop more!

This is what I got today from Target
Chinet plates 2/$5.00
Chinet coupon for $1.00 x2
Target coupon for Chinet for $1.00x2
TP= $1.00

Lysol Dual Action Wipes $2.29
$3.00 mail in rebate
MM: .71

Heinz Ketchup $1.99
TP: $4.00

Nutri-Grain Bars $2.54

Degree Deodorant $3.99
$2.00 MFR coupon
TP: $1.99

Secret with Olay Deodorant $3.79
$1.00 MFR coupon
TP: 2.79

Neutrogena Make-up Wipes $4.99
-$2.00 MFR coupon
-$2.00 target coupon
= .99
bought 2
Total price: 2.00

Total before coupons $31.57
Final Total $14.32


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