Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Little Lady's Nursery

This is my little lady's nursery. A friend helped me paint the top half of the walls yellow. I bought the trim from Home Depot and painted it black. I found the furniture on Amazon. I bought the ladybug wall decor from Hobby Lobby.

 I found the bedding and curtains at Carousel Designs. I could not find a canopy that I loved or that was decently priced. So, my sister and i made our own. We bought an embroidery hoop and 6" rolls of tulle at Hobby Lobby.  We doubled the length we wanted and cut the tulle into strips.  We then slip-knotted the tulle around the hoop.  We used the leftover tulle to wrap around the exposed portion of hoop.  I found the flowers at Pier 1 and hot glued them on the hoop. I also used the flowers to put into a tall black vase. I had my sister stencil "You Are My Sunshine" on the wall.

There was not a lot of storage space in her room, so I came up with this idea. I bought cloth bins from Lowes in black and yellow. I then used my embroidery machine to embroider different labels on the red material for all of my little lady's things (Ex. diapers, on-the-go, burp cloths, wipes, laundry, toys, blankets). After I embroidered the labels, I hot glued the material on rectangular pieces of wood. I attached the pieces of wood to the bins using velcro. 


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